1. We can also capture your  Lifestyle Sessions – this is mainly a session where you as the client incorporate your “real-life-event” into a photo session.  It means we capture what would have happen organically without interfering or giving any suggestions or advice.  Some examples:  birth photography, a place where you go often like a local coffee shop and you go about as if I’m not there and I capture candid real life moments for you as everything unfolds – without posing or intervening with your event or moment.
  2. Our most common photography style is our Classic Portraiture

Portrait sessions is an investment, just like any other shoot.  When spending so much money on booking a session, you should also consider the following to make it the best shoot ever!

  • Location:  Because we are natural light photographers, we always love shooting outdoors. But some sessions can be booked at a venue or studio should you want a different look and feel in your photos.  Choosing a family home as your location can also work, but then you have to consider – clutter free rooms with lots of natural light coming in, or big open spaces like a beautiful garden where we can take your photos.  We can also help with suggestions when you make a booking with us.
  • Time:  Because we are natural light photographers and we only want the best photos for our clients we recommend the following times:  Summer – around 4pm , Winter – around 5/6pm.  This is when the light is warm and soft, and everyone will look good in it.  We can however shoot any other time, but will not recommend the middle of the day because that’s when you get harsh sunlight, dark shadows, squinting eyes – unless the shoot takes place in full shade or indoors.
  • What to Wear:  We know, when it comes to what to wear, it’ a big headache for most.  We have decided to put together a few ideas from our pinterest board to help the thinking process flow better.  Below are some samples.  We recommend that for family photos you opt for soft pastel colours.  Try and avoid the following:  Red and/or luminous colours – this can sometimes create funny colours on the skin tones when shooting outdoors.
  • What to bring:  No need for any props, unless we discussed it before hand and we are going for a certain theme.  Animals are always welcome. You can also bring something to drink or snack on for the little ones and a toy that you know will make them smile for the camera.
  • Maternity Shoot:  We recommend to book your sessions anytime between the 7-8 month mark.
  • Newborn/Baby Sessions:  Our style is to capture newborn or baby photos in a more natural way. This means that they are snuggled up, comfy, in their crib or in your arms.  First family photos together holding the newborn baby, etc.  Best time for Newborn photography – anytime in the first 10 days.  Other time for cute baby moments:  4-6 weeks and also anytime from 4-8 months.

Most of our sessions will have the posed photos and also the candid moments.  So moms and dads don’t be afraid to interact with your children or make jokes or tickle each other.  We want to capture real moments for you as well so you have lots of beautiful memories to look at for years to come.





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