Coordinating every last detail of your wedding is no easy feat.  Sometimes we can easily miss some small things that might have a big effect, especially out a photographers point of view.  In order for us to give you our best work and capture the best moments or best version of yourself, we’ve put together a small list that is meant to help or guide you on your wedding day.  (For those who book us will receive a wedding photography info guide that will assist you even more and also help you with planning the best time line for photos)

  • It’s all in the details – We love capturing all the little details throughout your wedding day.  This helps us capture your full story from beginning to end.
  • Makeup – It’s best to invest in a Professional Makeup Artist fro the day.  Your makeup needs to last for about 10 hours or more.  You will be photographed from the moment it’s being applied up and till all formalities are finished, which is normally around 10:00 in the evening.  You probably want to look your best until then.  False lashes also looks amazing and it will be worth while to invest in it to make your eyes pop in the photos and video.
  • Keep room clean – we normally ask the bride to get the bridesmaids to clean the room before we get there.  This will help that no one falls over stuff.  It will actually create a more calm environment which in turn leaves the bride and everyone else stress free.  It also helps that the photographer don’t get coke cans and other unwanted objects and colours in your photos.
  • Getting dressed –  As a photographer we have seen many brides struggling to get dressed on her big day.  Everyone thinks it’s a quick thing and will only take 5 minutes (yes in some cases it might, but not in most).  If you have a lot of buttons instead of a zip, consider getting dressed earlier than what you wanted to.  We normally ask the bride that she needs to be finished and in her dressed at least an hour before walking down the isle.  If it’s a difficult or delicate dress to get into then we suggest to add at least another 30min to your time. We only suggest this so that you don’t miss out on your bridal portrait session.  Another good tip is to maybe practice a few days before getting married and letting someone else dress you other the the seamstress or shop owners so that the mom or bridesmaid who will be dressing you on the day know how to.
  • Bridal session – don’t skip this or say that this is not important you don’t care if you miss it or not.  This is the time when you
  • Couple Session – the best tip we can give you is that no one else walks along for the photos except the couple and the photographers.  This way it will be like the engagement session, there is no one else and means there will be no awkwardness, other cameras in the face, other people who will give opinions etc.  This way the photo session will streamline and you will get amazing photos!
  • Formal Family portraits – We like to do these photos after the ceremony.  The best advise from us is to get someone from your bridal party to be in charge of getting the people together that needs to be in the family photos.  This way you can be at ease and know that everyone that should be there will be on time and the photos can streamline easier.  The photographer also don’t know your family, so for someone to help out will make the process go quickly and easily, leaving more time for your couple session.
  • Formalities in the evening – Most of our packages we offer ends at 09:00 in the evening.  By then, all formalities should be finished before we leave.  The reason for this is that we have seen many parties die if you stretch everything out during an evening.  Not many people still want to hang around and only cut the cake a 9 or eat desert at 10.  Everyone wants to party the night away with the newlyweds!  Our advise is to do the first dance and father and daughter dance after the main meal, one or two songs of guest dancing, straight after that you do the cutting of the cake, throwing of the bouquet and gather, and then you have the rest of the evening to not worry or stress about anything else and enjoy it with your quests.Dance. Dance. Dance.  For the photographer to charge you extra to stay longer is also not a plus point, because you are only going to use so much of those photos, where guest are dancing, in your album.  You will basically pay us, the photographers, to do nothing.

We hope this gave you some extra help when planning your big day or your timeline.

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